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Research Director

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  • Dr. Pascal Divanach is a former director of the Institute of Aquaculture Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. Dr. Pascal Divanach entered in marine finfish aquaculture R & D in 1974, received his degree in Oceanography-Oceanology (Doctorat de 3ème cycle) in 1978 from University of Aix-Marseille II (Luminy-France) and in Biology (Doctorat ès Sciences) in 1985 from University of Sciences and Techniques of Languedoc (USTL, Montpellier II - France). He worked successively for USTL as contracted Researcher at Biological Station of Sete (1974 -1983) and teacher at CREUFOP(1) (1979-1983), then for IFREMER(2) at Station d’Aquaculture de Palavas as Senior Researcher and secretary of GIS-ARM(3) (1983 to 1987) and finally for IMBC (since 1987) as co-manager (with Prof. M. Kentouri) of R,T,D projects in Mediterranean finfish mariculture and administration of the IMBC aquaculture department. Dr. Pascal Divanach is implicated in R & D planning of Mediterranean finfish aquaculture and was consulted by government agencies and private organizations on the implementation of related strategies. He has also good experience on the development and operation of Mediterranean fish farms (mainly hatcheries) and of associated structures for Research support. Dr. Pascal Divanach's main research interests focus on the a) Evaluation of fish biological performances for possible specific diversification, performance domestication and cost effective production; b) biological control of marine finfish segments which are limiting factors of the production; and c) development of sustainable, ergonomic, friendly environmental systems of mariculture. Dr. Pascal Divanach has a special knowledge in early life of fish (eggs, prelarvae, larvae, fry), and in the biology / technology of hatcheries (from extensive to hyperintensive), mainly the so-called mesocosm ones. He has also good experience in methods/techniques used in hatcheries for increasing quality and productivity: a) depuration / recirculation in closed systems mainly that using adsorptive bubble techniques; b) intensive food chain management, mainly that related to mass production of microalgae in photobioreactors and exploitation of wild zooplancton in lagoons; c) quality management of fish larval environment mainly that using green and pseudo green methods.


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