TitleCoordinating InstituteBegin of project (Year)End of project (Year)Funding SourceResponsibilities
Environmental Education of Young people on Sailing TripsNautical Club of Gazi20102010Greek General Secretariat for YouthOrganisation of the programme, education and supervision of participants
"Excellence of IMBC in Marine Biodiversity"IMBC20022006GSRTData management
MedOBIS: Ιntroducing OBIS to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black SeaIMBC, Heraklion, Greece20032004Sloan Foundation (USA)Web site development, data management
MarBEF: Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem FunctioningNIOO-KNAW, Yerseke, The Netherlands20042008EU FP6 (Netowork of Excellence)Member of the research team
ΤWReferenceNet: Management and Sustainable Development of Protected Transitional WatersUniversity of Lecce (Salento), Italy20042007EU (INTERREG, CADSES)Member of the research team
PROPE-taxon: Web Accessible Taxonomic Expertise in MARBEF: PROviding a e-Platform for the European TaxonomistsIMBG, HCMR, Heraklion, Crete20052008EU FP6 (RMP in the contect of the MarBEF NoE)Web site development, Entry of taxonomic information on website
EuroNaGISA: The European node of the Natural Geography in Shore Areas (Cencus of Marine Life)University of Pisa, Italy2006Self-fundedMember of the research team
ECOSUMMERUniversity of Aberdeen20062009EU, FP 6, Pierre et Marie Curie FoundationFellowship for the elaboration of a PhD Thesis
WoRMS: A World Register of Marine SpeciesVLIZ, Ostende, Belgium2008Multiple sources (including EU FP7)Taxonomic Expert
PESI: A Pan-European Species-directories InfrastructureZoological Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands20092011EU FP7Assembly of national species lists
ViBRANT: Virtual Biodiversity Research and Access Network for TaxonomyNHM, London, UK20102013EU FP7 (e-Infrastructures)Software development, Organization of pilot project for citizen science
HELBIONET: "Hellenic Network for Biodiversity Research"IMBG20102011GSRTWeb site development, Organisation of workshops
MAPMED: Management of port areas in the Mediterranean BasinUniversity of Cagliari, Department of Biomedical Science and Technology, Italy20112014EU, ENPIIdentification
VECTORS: Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic SectorsPML, Plymouth, UK20112015EU FP7 (Oceans of Tomorrow)Member of the research team
EMBOS: Development and implementation of a pan-European Marine Biodiversity Observatory SystemNIOO-KNAW, Yerseke, The Netherlands20112014EU (COST Action)Member of the research team
LifeWatchGreece: "Construction and operation of the national LifeWatch Research Infrastructure (ESFRI)"IMBBC20122015GSRTSupervising of data management, cybertaxonomy, micro-CT galleries, web design and development
ΕMODnet Biology (Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)VLIZ, Ostende, Belgium20132015EU, Directorate - General for Maritime Affairs and FisheriesSupervising of data management, Biological Traits Working Group
EU BON: Building the European Biodiversity Observation NetworkMfN, Berlin, Germany20132016EU FP7 (Environment)Citizen science pilot project implementation
SYNTHESYS: Synthesis of systematic resourcesNHM, London, UK20132016FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-(CP-CSA-Infra: Integrating Activities / e-Infrastructures)HCMR project management
CIGESMED: Coralligenous based indicators to evaluate and monitor the "Good Ecological Status" of the Mediterranean coastal watersCNRS-IMBE, Marseille, France20132015SEASERA, (EU FP7-ERA-NET, GSRT)Citisen science pilot project implementation
ENVIRONMENTS-EOLIMBBC - HCMR20132014Text annotation for corpus creation
MetaCopepod: Designing an integrated DNA metabarcoding and image analysis approach to study and monitor biodiversity of zooplanktonic copepodsIMBBC, HCMR20142015EU (ARISTEIA II)web site/data base construction
AcidiCO₂ceans - Effects of ocean acidification on the calcified structures of benthic organismsInstitute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research20142014Latsis Foundation