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Eleni Fountoulaki's picture
Fountoulaki Eleni
Senior Researcher
• Evaluation of the nutritional quality of raw materials as potential ingredients in marine diets. • Formulations of practical diets and evaluation of their nutritional value. • Nutritional requirements in essential fatty acids of cultivated aquaculture species. • Determination of the effect of the tested formulations on the biochemical parameters of the fish. • Fish meal and fish oil substitution with sustainable plant raw materials in feeds for cultured fish: effects on growth, body composition, quality of the end product • Effects of plant raw materials and feeds on digestion physiology - digestive enzymes. 6944298381
Anastasis Oulas's picture
Anastasis Oulas
Research fellow
Microarray data analysis, next generation sequencing data analysis, computational prediction of microRNA genes and targets, web applications development, databases
Antonios Magoulas's picture
Antonios Magoulas
Research Director
Marine Biodiversity
Phylogeography and population genetics of marine organisms
Genomic approaches in natural and cultivated marine species
+30 2810 337801; 337806
Aglaia 'Cilia' Antoniou's picture
Antoniou Aglaia (Cilia)
Research fellow
Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity, Population genetics/omics, Phylogenetics, Phylogeography, Landscape/Seascape genomics, Speciation, Molecular Systematics, Species delimitation, Hybridization, Adaptation. One of her main goals is to bridge the realm of theoretical and experimental population genetics in an attempt to study genetic diversity under a multidisciplinary framework that applies to data collection, analysis and interpretation. +30 2810 337826
Aspasia Sterioti's picture
Aspasia Sterioti
Associate Researcher
Mesocosms larval rearing
Food chains, Life food production
Fish coloration - Pigment cells
Marine Aquariology
Endangered species protection
Allochthonus species life cycle
Sea turtle rehabilisation & release
+30 2810 337886
Giorogs Chatzigeorgiou's picture
Chatzigeorgiou Giorgos
Research fellow
Taxonomy, Biogeography and Ecology of Polychaetes
Functional Diversity
Evolutionary Biology
Polychaete Ecology and Genetic Diversity
Habitat mapping
Non-Indigenous species
+30 2810 337742
Christos Arvanitidis's picture
Christos Arvanitidis
Senior Researcher
Marine Biodiversity
Functional Diversity
Biodiversity Informatics
Transitional Ecosystems
Quality control and assessment of the coastal marine ecosystems
+30 2810 337748
Costas Tsigenopoulos's picture
Constantinos (Costas) Tsigenopoulos
Senior Researcher
Biogeography and Molecular Ecology
Phylogenetics and Systematics
Marker Development and Parentage Assignment
Linkage Mapping and Comparative Genomics
+30 2810 337854
Constantinos C Mylonas's picture
Constantinos C Mylonas
Research Director
Fish Reproduction
+30 2810 337878
Costas Dounas's picture
Costas Dounas
Research Director
Structure and dynamics of macrobenthic and benthopelagic assemblages
Marine biodiversity (crustaceans, sponges, polychaets)
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Marine Environmental Technology and Innovation
Marine Protected Zones
Artificial reefs research and applications
Ocean literacy
Environmental Impact Assessments
Marine Pollution Monitoring
Fishing gear effects
+30 2810 337814
Efthimia Cotou's picture
Cotou Efthimia (Efi)
Senior Researcher
Dr. Cotou’s research interests are concerned: (1) Nutritional toxicology - bioassays & pathology of aquatic animals (fish-shellfish), (2) Fish and shellfish toxicology, (3) Biomarkers and indicators of fish health and welfare, (4) Biological effects in aquatic animals influenced by nutritional manipulation, diseases and anthropogenic & environmental stressors, (5) Catalytic activities of enzymes (e.g. antioxidants, detoxification, lipogenic, digestive), (6) Functional proteomics, (7) Interactions between aquaculture species and the environment, (8) Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA), 9) Environmental and ecological risk assessments 0030-2109856722
Elena Sarropoulou's picture
Elena Sarropoulou
Senior Researcher
Transcriptomics/differential Expression
Metagenomics/Community Genomics
Immune response/Stress reponse
Gene evolution / gene duplication
Comparative Genomics
Evolution / Development
+30 2810 337753
Eva Chatzinikolaou's picture
Eva Chatzinikolaou
Research fellow
Climate change and ocean acidification
Intertidal and lagoon ecology
Marine biodiversity
Population dynamics
Gastropod growth and reproduction
Larval development
Ageing of gastropods using statoliths
Marine pollution and environmental protection
+30 2810 337741
Evangelos Pafilis's picture
Evangelos Pafilis
Research fellow
Biodiversity Informatics
Marine biodiversity and Genomics
Literature Mining / Named Entity Recognition
Species / Environment Association
Data Integration
Browser Extension Development
Web Services and Bioinformatics Workflows
Georgios Kotoulas's picture
Georgios Kotoulas
Research Director
Genomics, Population Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Marine Biodiversity +30 2810337852
jgiala's picture
Gialamas Ioannis
Assistant Researcher
As a research scientist on organizing, setting up and operating of chemical and biochemical laboratories (HPLC, spectrophotometry, protein analysis, lipid analysis, e.t.c.).
Also my field of interest also covers environmental management programs and problems of coastal zone. like salinization in carst springs. The above is related with climate changes and water efficiency.
morgane's picture
Research fellow
Fish Immunology +302109856725
Hooman Moghadam's picture
Hooman K. Moghadam
Research fellow
Computational Biology
jokotz's picture
Ioannis (Yannis) Kotzamanis
Senior Researcher
Fish nutrition, nutri-proteomics, metabolomics. The research focus of my new lab is to investigate the molecular and physiological mechanisms which underlie, control and regulate fish appetite, growth, fat deposition and disease resistance using novel techniques from the field of proteomics and metabolomics +30 2109856734
Ioannis Nengas's picture
Ioannis Nengas
Research Director
Aquaculture Nutrition
Feeding management
Aquafeed Technology
+30 6977009715
Ioannis Papadakis's picture
Ioannis Papadakis
Associate Researcher
Development of feeding protocols, feeding behavior of larvae and fish, ontogeny and plasticity of the organs associated with feeding behavior of marine species in aquaculture (visual system, digestive system). +30 2810 337876
ekoutant's picture
Koutandos Evangelos
Research fellow
Main fields of interest: flow-structure interaction, floating and submerged structure engineering, offshore engineering, aquaculture engineering, sediment and pollutant transport phenomena. +302810337779
kgrigo's picture
Kriton Grigorakis
Senior Researcher
Fish Quality (nutritional quality, technological quality, freshness, sensory characteristics, fish flavour)
Seafood Quality
Fish feed & raw materials quality
Aquaculture & Food Ethics
lucia fanini's picture
Lucia Fanini
Research fellow
Ecology of Sandy Shores
Animal Orientation and Navigation
Environmental Education
Human impacts on sandy shores
Manolis Mandalakis's picture
Manolis Mandalakis
Research fellow
• Environmental organic chemistry
• Development of analytical methods using both gas chromatography and liquid chromatography in combination with mass sepctrometry
• Environmental pollution monitoring and assessment
• Compound specific isotopic analysis (eg. 14C/12C, 37Cl/35Cl, 15N/14N) of organic pollutants for the identification of pollution sources and the In-situ evaluation of biodegradation potential
• Environmental microbiology
• Investigation of microbial degradation of organic compounds using isotopic analysis, proteomics and metabolomics
Nikos Papandroulakis's picture
Nikos Papandroulakis
Research Director
Aquaculture technologies - Offshore aquaculture (aquaculture module for multipurpose platforms).
Mathematical models (automated systems).
Specific diversification (fast growing species: Seriola dumerilli, Argyrosomus regius, Polyprion americanus, Thunnus thynnus)
Fish behavior (welfare indicators).
Technology transfer .
Panagiotis Kasapidis's picture
Panagiotis Kasapidis
Associate Researcher
Population Genetics
Phylogeography, Phylogeny
Conservation Genetics
+30 2810 337718
Yolanda Koulouri's picture
Panayota (Yolanda) Koulouri
Senior Researcher
Marine biodiversity (Crustacea, Mollusca)
Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
Ocean literacy
Biology and Ecology of Benthic Boundary Layer (BBL) macrofauna
Fishing gear effects
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) by using artificial reefs
Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
Marine pollution monitoring
+30 2810 337716
Pantelis Katharios's picture
Pantelis Katharios
Associate Researcher
Fish Diseases
Phage Therapy
+30 2810 337760
Paraskevi Polymenakou's picture
Paraskevi (Voula) N. Polymenakou
Associate Researcher
Molecular Microbial Ecology and Marine Biotechnology
Life in Extreme Environments/Microbial Exploration of the Hellenic Volcanic Arc
Microbiology of the Deep Subsurface/Ocean Drilling
Novel Microbes and Functions
Microbial Genomic Observatories
Deep-sea Mining Impacts on Microbial Ecosystems
+30 2810 337855

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