Marine fish culture of "new species" farmed in Europe

TitleMarine fish culture of "new species" farmed in Europe
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSuquet, M, Divanach P, Hussenot J, Coves D, Fauvel C
JournalPisciculture marine de "nouvelles espéces" d'élevage pour l'EuropeCahiers Agricultures
Pages148 - 156
KeywordsAnimal production, Fishing and aquaculture, Natural resources and environment

In Europe, fish aquaculture in a marine environment developed following two successive waves: Atlantic salmon and then sea-bass and sea-bream. Rearing "new marine fish species" is sustained for many complementary reasons. This paper aims at presenting the aquaculture status of these "new species," research carried out and then problems and perspectives suggested by farming development in these species. © 2007 John Libbey Eurotext - All rights reserved.


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