Human-like variable-impedance control for life-cycle testing

TitleHuman-like variable-impedance control for life-cycle testing
Publication TypeConference Publication
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSurdilovic, D, Nguyen T-M, Radojicic J
Conference NameProceedings - IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication
Pages150 - 155
Date Published2011///

The paper presents robotic approach to life-cycle testing based on advanced compliance control algorithms. This strategy has been demonstrated as meaningful testing approach considering repeatability and reproducibility. Moreover, developed testing procedures mimic human motion and ensure human-like testing conditions. That is a crucial advantage over simple testing machines or convenient industrial robots, which can not realize comparable system behavior. Application of a variable-impedance control strategy provides a feasible approach in reproducing human behavior and realizing faster life-cycle test execution. © 2011 IEEE.


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