Effect of dietary water on growth of dentex Dentex dentex

TitleEffect of dietary water on growth of dentex Dentex dentex
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsChatzifotis, S, Papadakis IE, Divanach P
JournalFisheries Science
Pages1243 - 1248
KeywordsDentex, growth, Water content

This study is concerned with the effect of hyrdated diets on growth and feed performance of Dentex dentex. Three levels of dietary water were tested: 7%, 20% and 40%. For the 7% level a commercial feed was used and the 20% and 40% water levels were obtained after adding an appropriate amount of deionized water to the commercial feed and mixing the pellets well. The diets were offered to fish by self-feeders, by which fish were allowed continuous access to diets after activating the self-feeders; by belt feeders, by which the diets were fed continuously and in excess over a 12 h interval; and by hand to apparent satiation two times a day. After 151 days of feeding, the group fed on the 20%-water diet showed significantly (P < 0.05) higher growth rate than the 7 and 40% groups, while no significant differences were observed in feed conversion rate or daily feed consumption. The means of feed delivery did not influence growth rate. Self-feeder, belt and hand feeding all gave comparable growth. Fish fed the more condensed 7%-water diet had smaller stomachs than fish fed the larger volume 40%-water diet. In the stomach, all groups of fish hydrated their digesta within 2 h after feeding to a moisture content of around 60%. Apparently no difference in digestive process was observed between groups. It was concluded that the addition of water in diet at the level of 20% has a beneficial effect on dentex growth.


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