Comparison of muscle fatty acid and vitamin composition between wild and farmed common dentex (Dentex dentex)

TitleComparison of muscle fatty acid and vitamin composition between wild and farmed common dentex (Dentex dentex)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsRigos, G, Grigorakis K, Koutsodimou M, Gialamas I, Fountoulaki E, Nengas I
JournalJournal of Biological Research
Pages26 - 32
KeywordsCommon dentex (Dentex dentex), Fatty acids, Nutrient composition, Vitamin C, Vitamin E

The present study was carried out to compare the tissue composition of wild and farmed common dentex (Dentex dentex) and the major nutrients in order to further explore the dietary requirements of this species. Wild (41±14 g) and farmed (10±2 g) fish were analyzed for proximate composition, fatty acid profile and vitamin C and E muscle and liver content. The fat content of the farmed population was almost six times higher than that measured in wild fish at the expense of water content. There were no significant differences in the protein and ash content between the two populations. The vitamin C content was insignificantly lower in wild fish liver while differences were significant in muscle compared to their farmed conspecifics. Vitamin E concentration was found to be significantly higher in both examined tissues of the farmed fish. The fatty acid profiles were different between the wild and farmed individuals. Wild fish livers were significantly richer in ̂-6 fatty acids, poorer in total monounsaturates (MUFA), but no differences were observed for total polyunsaturates (PUFA) and saturated fatty acids (SFA). As regards muscle tissues, farmed fish were found to contain higher 22:6̂3 levels but significantly lower 16:1̂7 and 18:1̂9 levels than the wild ones. The information given by the present study should be evaluated for the further improvement of common dentex diets.


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