The Department has specialized laboratories (pathology, histology, biochemistry, hormonal and haematological analysis, chromatography, HPLC, a new lab with 2D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry instruments like MALDI and ESI MS/MS -Q-Tof Premier etc) which permit all life stages of fish to be studied. 

Experimental and pilot rearing facilities corresponding to a vertical integrated aquaculture farm (from broodstocks and larval stages to commercial size) are at Faros, Heraklion and at Ag Kosmas, Hellenikon, Athens. Pilot scale cage farm at Souda Bay. 

Fish Pathology Laboratory, Crete (Dr. P. Katharios) 
The laboratory of Fish Pathology supports the experimental facilities of the Institute of Aquaculture (Aqualabs-inland facilities, Souda-floating cages) and Cretaquarium, in Crete 

Internal services provided through the lab include the continuous monitoring of the health status of the fish and laboratory analyses (bacteriology, parasitology, histology) 

Laboratory Equipment 
Microscopy system (microscope, stereoscope, image analysis), incubator, autoclave, laminar flow cabinet, microtome, hood, waterbath (bacteriology - histology), PCR system for the molecular identification of the pathogens. 

The Department's equipment consists of experimental and pilot installations of aquaculture and a pilot unity of cages at the Souda Bay. 


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