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Pafilis, E, Brown NP, Horn H.  Submitted.  Automated Annotation of Scientific Documents: Increasing Access to Biological Knowledge. Biological Knowledge Discovery Handbook: Preprocessing, Mining and Postprocessing of Biological Data.
In Press
Dounas, C, Androulakis D, Koulouri P.  2016.  Artificial reefs and diving tourism. . International Symposium “Marine Protected Areas in Greece and the Mediterranean: Designing for the Future by Applying Lessons Learnt from the Past”, 4-6 December 2015, Zakynthos, Greece.
Skoula, I, Koulouri P, Dounas C, Eleftheriou M.  2016.  The Kingdom of Photophilous Algae: a tale created by pupils of the second grade of an elementary school in Crete (Greece). . 3rd European Marine Science Educators Association Conference 2015, organized by European Marine Science Educators Association, 28 September- 1 October 2015, Crete, Greece .

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