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Journal Article
Chatzinikolaou, E.  2012.  Use and limitations of ecological models. Transitional Waters Bulletin. 6(2):34-41.
Grigorakis, K, Dimogianopoulos D.  2012.  Non-destructive stochastic model-based detection of diet-induced alterations in fish texture. Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety. 6(1-4):35-47. Abstract
Kasapidis, P, Silva A, Zampicinini G, Magoulas A.  2012.  Evidence for microsatellite hitchhiking selection in European sardine (Sardina pilchardus) and implications in inferring stock structure. Evidencia para selección hitchhiking de microsatélite en sardina europea (Sardina pilchardus) y las implicaciones para inferir la estructura del stockScientia Marina. 76(1):123-132. Abstract
Kokou, F, Makridis P, Kentouri M, Divanach P.  2012.  Antibacterial activity in microalgae cultures. Aquaculture Research. 43(10):1520-1527. Abstract

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