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Koutandos, E.  2009.  Double thin barriers under water wave forcing. Journal of Marine Environmental Engineering. 9:99-113.
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P, K, Arvanitidis C, Maidanou M, Miletić M, Dounas C.  2015.  Diversity of polychaetes within the benthic boundary layer (BBL) over the continental shelf of the Cretan Sea. . 13th International Congress on the Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions (ICZEGAR), 7-11 October 2015, Heraklion, Crete, Greece .
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Kentouri, M, Divanach P.  1982.  Differences and similarities in the genesis of the locomotor and trophic behaviour of the prelarval stages of Sparus auratus, Diplodus vulgaris and Diplodus sargus. Differences et similitudes dans la genese des comportements locomoteur et trophique des stades prelarvaires de Sparus auratus, Diplodus vulgaris et Diplodus sargusAquaculture. 27(4):355-376. Abstract
Rigos, G, Zonaras V, Cotou E, Henry M, Nikoloudaki X, Alexis M.  2012.  Dietary fish oil replacement does not alter quinolone uptake in gilthead seabream. Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists. 32(3):94-102. Abstract

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