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Kentouri, M, Divanach P.  1982.  ( Behaviour and prey selection of striped sea bream Lithognathus mormyrus ( Sparidae) larvae reared in polyspecific and pluridimensional food conditions).. Comportement et regime alimentaire des larves de marbre Lithognathus mormyrus (Poisson, Teleost., Sparidae) elevees dans des conditions de choix trophique polyspecifique et pluridimensionnel.Comptes Rendus des Seances, Academie des Sciences, Serie III. 294(17):859-861. Abstract
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Dounas, C, Androulakis D, Koulouri P.  2016.  Artificial reefs and diving tourism. . International Symposium “Marine Protected Areas in Greece and the Mediterranean: Designing for the Future by Applying Lessons Learnt from the Past”, 4-6 December 2015, Zakynthos, Greece.
Triantafyllou, G, Petihakis G, Dounas C, Theodorou A.  2001.  Assessing marine ecosystem response to nutrient inputs. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 43(7-12):175-186.

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